Video Induction

Who Is Look Video Induction?

Look Video Induction is a new division of Look Video Productions which specialises in the creation of effective corporate induction videos and online tests for new employees, contractors and site visitors.

The advantage of the system we have devised is that new employees, contractors and site visitors can watch the induction video on-line (on a computer, tablet or smart phone) and complete the relevant safety test before even arriving on site. Test results are then sent directly to an email address of the company’s choosing. When a visitor arrives on site, they just have to present identification and reception can check they have adequately completed the safety induction process and passed the on-line test.

Included in the benefits of this system is a greatly streamlined visitor and contractor access process, and when combined with a well-planned online test, the company knows that new employees, contractors and visitors understand the rules and regulations in the workplace. The company can then be confident everybody who has access to the site has been properly inducted.

Studies have shown that more than 25% of new employees decide to stay or leave an organisation within the first week of new employment (Deepika Baddapuri, 2016). This means effective induction training for new employees should always be a priority.

Induction training helps integrate new employees into a company and makes them understand the systems and procedures. It contributes to a safer and more efficient workplace while also helping new employees to settle down quickly in their work environment.

Videos are one of the most effective ways to quickly and efficiently facilitate the induction process.

Benefits of an effective safety induction video

  1. Saves money and time.
  2. Ensures staff work in a safe environment.
  3. Site safety rules can be easily communicated to all visitors.
  4. Frees HR employees from repetitive training.
  5. Reduces employee turnover.
  6. Ensures operational efficiency.
  7. Makes new employees feel valued.
  8. Provides vital corporate information.
  9. Helps establish good communication structures.


A section of an induction video for Fabricon …



A clip from a safety video produced for Shell South Africa …