Elementor #12480

We make producing videos a creative and fun process.
This is how we do it.


We meet with you to find out exactly what type of video you are looking for, who your target market is, and what your objectives are.


After you have briefed us on what you are looking for, we write a script for you with corresponding potential visuals.

Shot List

Once you have approved the script, we put together a complete shot list to ensure the shoot runs smoothly and nothing important is left out.


Working with the shot list, our expert team will capture all the necessary visuals and monitor lighting and sound to ensure a top-class production.


Once all the shooting is completed, the editing can begin. We edit on an Applemac using Final Cut Pro which is a versatile and dynamic editing programme. When we are satisfied with our work, we will show it to you to get your comments and input for any final tweaks.


Once you are happy with the final product, we can supply it to you in the format that would suit you best. We can upload it to YouTube, put it on a flash drive or send it via a download link.